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The Perfect Job Seeker book has arrived. Some of the content in this blog about the job search process was compiled into this book.

If interested in receiving a free hard copy, click the button below to use PayPal to cover the postage amount of $4.95. Or you can send a check in the amount of $4.95 for shipping and handling to me (Stuart Mease) and mail to 105 Wistaria Dr. Christiansburg VA 24073.

You can also get the eBook for your Kindle device or smartphone at http://amzn.to/stuartmease.

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This segment gives some ways to better differentiate yourself when applying for jobs. Have you uniquely applied and it led to an offer? If so, please post.




We have documented the Unserviced Workforce concept on this blog and provided a remedy called the Perfect Job Seeker. Below is a step-by-step guide you can print out and use for your job search.

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Dating and job searching are two activities everyone has experienced. Owens, the lead college recruiter for AOL, shares her years of experience by communicating the similarities between these common, frustrating and unpredictable experiences in a new language job seekers are surely to understand.

The 99-page book highlights the basics in the job search process – resumes, networking and interviewing – by offering many examples and illustrations to follow. Each chapter ends with “Deal Breakers” every seeker should avoid like do not make repeat calls or emails to recruiters asking if your resume has been received.

Her commentary also mentions recruiter truths such as: recruiters normally do not read cover letters, and touches on recruiter’s volume of applications and workloads and one can stand out from the rest.

Job seekers neglecting the insight from this book are receiving a career kiss of death.