“Stuart is the quintessential ‘connector’. He is able to connect people of all walks and disciplines in the interest of ‘a better tomorrow’. I enjoy working with Stuart because he is an optimist and sees the best in people. Stuart is always smiling and always interested in YOU!” April 30, 2008

Beth Deel, mini think tank, upUPperiscope, inc.

The mission of this blog is to connect Generation X and Y within the Roanoke and New River Valley (RNR) region of Virginia to: (1) Each other, (2) Baby Boomers and Traditionalists, (3) The Offline Community, and (4) Professional and Career Opportunities.

It is also designed to alert readers to current trends, information and discussion topics so one can better understand this region.

The blog will stimulate conversation, uncover hidden gems and will propose concepts to move the region forward.

A weekly video show, Connecting People in the RNR, is broadcasted on Handshake 2.0.



Roanoke happenings courtesy of MyScoper

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